Mel Gibson Has Issues

by 8 years ago

Another day, another hateful, racist Mel Gibson tirade. No seriously. This man has issues. How many times is he going to get a free pass for hateful outbursts? We’re pretty sure celebrities only get one career mulligan when pulling the slip-of-the-tongue card before their career’s in the shitter. According to E!, he was dropped by his agent at William Morris for this rant. More fallout is certainly on the way. On another note, how awesome is it that Trey Parker and Matt Stone at “South Park” called out Gibson for his enraged, insane tirade years ago? If you’re reading this at work, do your co-workers a favor and throw on some headphones for these videos. Extremely NSFW and downright disturbing language after the jump… 





[via WWTDD and FilmDrunk]


How much respect have you lost for this guy?

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