Is Levi Johnston Getting Back Together with Bristol Palin Bro or Not Bro?

by 8 years ago


We usually try to stay away from covering the latest tabloid gossip that doesn’t pertain to a Bro’s life, but Us Weekly has such a humdinger of a cover today — Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston announcing that they’re engaged, again — that we couldn’t stay away.

We’ve previously covered Levi’s Bro-ness and given him high praise for recognizing the craziness of the Palin family and getting the hell out. But according to Us, they took a walk with their child a few months ago, he texted her afterward and told her he still loved her, they started dating again, and now they’re engaged. And, oh yeah, Sarah Palin didn’t know about any of this and doesn’t approve. Which means a couple things: Bristol really hates her Mom, Bristol’s definitely pregnant again, and Levi may or not be a Bro. What do you guys think? Was getting back together with Bristol a Bro move? And do you think, like we do, that she’s pregnant? Sound Off in the Comments, and forgive us for this temporary tabloid transgression.

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