Apple’s Steve Jobs Says BlackBerries and Other Phones Face Same Antenna Issues, Still Offers Free ‘B

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The iPhone 4 may have been Apple’s largest product release in the company’s history, but is it going to be their biggest marketing disaster as well? Steve Jobs doesn’t think so. Apple held a press conference today regarding complaints about the dropped calls and poor service with their newest product, the iPhone 4. The antenna was the main “flaw” that people were stressing over with the new device. Apparently, if you hold the phone in your left hand, you cover one of the antennas, leading to dropped calls and a decrease in service. Apple’s and Jobs’ response? Pretty much, “Eh, it happens to all phones, but we’re still gonna fix it for you… sort of.”

At the start of the news conference, Jobs compared the phenomena to three other smart phones — the Blackberry Bold, Droid Eris, and Samsung Omnia — all of which, according to Apple, did the exact same thing, lost their bars. (Gadget bloggers will be testing this claim within the hour, we’re sure.) But since they want to calm the growing storm, and since they’re not doing a recall of the phone itself, they’re still trying to offer some some sort of a solution.

A recent software update (iOS 4.0.1) should fix the problem of how many bars are displayed and how much service you actually have. For those still not satisfied, Jobs offered a full refund with no restocking fee to any customer, as well as a free case (or “bumper”) for anyone who has purchased or will purchase the phone before September 30. If you already bought a bumper, you can get a refund. The bumpers should prevent a user from holding the phone in the wrong spot, which caused the headache in the first case. After September 30, they’re expecting to have another solution. Long story short, Jobs believes that the media completely overreacted, that this is a problem that all cell phones have, and that the iPhone 4 is still the best product Apple has ever created and the best phone on the market.

What do you guys think? Have you had any problems with your new iPhone4? Sound Off in the comments.

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