Chad Ochocinco and Little Carlos Ride the Elevator Without Mike Tyson’s Tiger

by 9 years ago


We unfortunately missed Sunday night’s second episode of “Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch,” which we live-blogged the premiere of last week. Did anyone catch it? How many girls were cut? Did #85 make the right call? Is episode 2 worth a watch on re-run this week?


Of course, we still managed to get our Ochocinco fill this weekend when we spotted the above Twitpic on Facebook. Do you think Esteban will change his name to Carlos? And is that shirt the bestselling shirt in Vegas these days, or what? By the way, if you missed the photo this week of Ochocinco playing the slot machines in a Vegas casino wearing nothing more than socks and his drawers, check it out after the jump. There’s also a photo of Ochocinco’s new “Child Please” Daycare. Funny stuff. And yes, our obsession is getting a little out of hand.



Thought this was funny, too…

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