VIDEOS: A Porcupine Who Thinks He’s a Puppy, and a Baby Hiding in a Watermelon

by 9 years ago

This is the coolest porcupine video you’ve seen all week, promise. Or at least the one that will get you the most action if you send it to a girl who’s easily amused by cute animals and you’re desperate to show her that you have a soft side. How awesome of a pet would this little guy make, by the way? (He was one in a family’s home for a few years, but now lives at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. Total Bro.) The video is after the jump.


UPDATE: We’re adding a video of a baby sitting inside of a watermelon, because we might as well make the most of our once-in-a-blue-moon cute video story. Be careful about sending this one to a girl because, you know, girls and babies.


[via Refinery29]



[via @JimmyTraina]

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