Funny or Die Video of the Week: ‘Brostitute’

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Funny or Die, a site that prides itself on either being hilarious or deceased, has partnered with BroBible to bring you a video of the week. This week’s choice just so happens to be a pretend movie trailer aimed at Bros who “Bro-out” for a living. The parody, entitled “Brostitute,” is based on middle-aged Bros who sell themselves and their companionship for money to other men, with no sexual favors attached. Basically, the “John” pays to get himself a Brostitute to hangout with, play video games with, high five, blow farts with, and party with for the evening — talking about girlfriends or feelings around a Brostitute costs extra.


As unyieldingly gay as all this may sound, I can’t tell if the video is supposed to poke fun at the Bro culture or not. I can say that I thought the video was entertaining because if people are actually still behaving like these actors, or wearing football jerseys on a regular basis, when they are in their late-thirties then they are not a Bro, but rather a pathetic pile of human waste, complete with undigested bits of cashews, mushrooms, and kernels of corn. The video is after the jump. Sound off with your thoughts in the comments.




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