The 10 Hottest Cougars in Finance

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Bros far and wide have been raised to believe that the perfect wife is out there for them. You know, the absolute smokeshow who stays home all day, Betty Draper-style, cooking a delicious dinner for when you get home from a legitimate day’s work. Don’t get me wrong, finding a girl like that to shack up with is still the dream — God knows I’m not gonna cook and clean my own shit — but times are undeniably changing.
Nowadays there are plenty of smart, savvy women out there who work hard and make bank, particularly in the world of finance. Most of these chicks have to put in a shitload of extra hours and effort to keep up with the Bros they work with in i-banking. With all that added stress, we’re going to guess their sex drive is through the roof. We wanted to give you a straight up list of the hottest girls in finance months ago, but a similar list of hedge fund hunnies was just published in New York Magazine, and we didn’t want to steal their thunder. That doesn’t mean we can’t give the ladies of finance our own spin. Rather than the hottest girls, here are the 10 of the hottest cougars in the world of finance, who can afford to buy their younger underlings a meal rather than cook it for them.


Karen Finerman

Employer: Metropolitan Capital Advisors
Position: President
Education: Wharton
Finerman left the Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette Securities Corporation in 1992 and co-founded Metropolitan Capital Advisors. She also sits on the board of the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.


Meredith Whitney
Employer: Meredith Whitney Advisory Group LLC
Position: President
Education: Brown

Whitney, the manager of her own advisory firm, was listed as the second best stock-picker by Forbes. She was also voted one of the 50 most powerful women in New York City by the New York Post. Ultimately, these credentials are dwarfed by the fact that she married former WWE superstar John “Bradshw” Layfield. We bet the 6’6”, 290-pound monster gives her just what she needs.


Erin Callan
Employer: Lehman Brothers
Position: CFO
Education: NYU Law

Callan was actually fired from Lehman Brothers when the financial crisis hit in 2008, but she makes our list thanks to her savvy in cashing out her shares before the firm crashed. Now she spends her days living the dream in a $3.9 million house in the Hamptons.

Alicia Taylor

Employer: Mortgage Solutions LLC
Position: Senior Manager
Education: UNLV
Experienced in almost all aspects of mortgage lending, Taylor lives thousands of miles from Wall Street in Las Vegas and makes bank around Sin City. My guess is she’s done a few naughty things that have (unfortunately) both happened and stayed in Vegas.


Gina Bianchini

Employer: Ning
Position: CEO
Education: Stanford Business

Besides the fact that she shares a name with Seth Rogen’s favorite speed-date girl from “40 Year Old Virgin,” Bianchini catches our eye for the fact that she co-founded Harmonic Communications as well as Ning (an online platform for creating your own social network). She started off as a financial analyst at Goldman Sachs.

Alexis Glick

Employer: Fox Business Network
Position: Vice President
Education: Columbia

After starting her career as a financial analyst at Goldman Sachs, Glick progressively moved her way upward and became the Vice President of the Fox Business Network. She recently retired from her cushy job on her own terms, a manner which every Bro agrees is the only way to go out.

Lynn Tilton 

Employer: Patriarch Partners LLC
Position: CEO
Education: Yale/Columbia


Tilton played tennis at Yale, graduated from Columbia Business School, and then founded a private equity firm that manages $7 billion in assets. She’s also the CEO of MD Helicopters Inc., a manufacturer of military aircraft. Just about anyone should be proud of that resume.


Sally Krawcheck
Employer: Bank of America
Position: President of Global Wealth & Investment Management
Education: UNC/Columbia
Krawcheck’s resume also includes time as a senior executive at Citigroup and a stint at Bank of America. Additionally, Forbes ranked her 7th on their 2005 list of most powerful women in the world. She was a local track star in her native South Carolina, so you know she’s gonna keep that body in shape well into her golden years.

Amy Woods Brinkley

Employer: Bank of America
Position: Global Risk Executive
Education: UNC



Despite being a little older than most of her peers on this list, Brinkley is still going strong with her looks and has a resume that just won’t quit. Anyone attracted to power? She was voted the most powerful woman in banking in 2005, and was on Fortune’s list of “50 most powerful women in business” from 2006-2008. She retired in 2009 after a surge of credit losses.

Terri Duhon

Employer: B&B Structured Finance

Position: Managing Partner
Education: MIT

You can’t fake being smart enough to graduate from MIT, so we give Duhon her props. She has co-founded her own consulting/financial product training firm, and has also worked actively to globally structured credit business. 


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