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Editor’s Note: Each Monday (or Tuesday when things are really busy), we’ll run a recap of the previous Sunday night’s episode of “Entourage.” Be warned: There will be spoilers after the jump. So come back and read this after you’ve seen the episode. Also, here’s the recap of Episode 1 and Episode 2.


A couple weeks ago, Waffles McButter wrote a story about the 10 best real jobs to get if you want to work alongside smokeshows all day long. Somehow left off the list (although covered in part, perhaps, by the HR director entry) was casting agent. The profession in general is known to have its perks — the casting couch, for one — and I’m now convinced that the “Entourage” background casting agent may be the ultimate dream job (even if it’s not so realistic). The talent on display in the the house party in Sunday night’s third episode of season 7 was so ridiculous that it made up completely for the otherwise lackluster episode. Real-life “Entourage” casting agent Jill Scott is a very lucky woman. I sure hope she’s a lesbo and makes ample use of that casting couch.

More on the girls later, but first let’s get to the spoiler-ridden recap.

The Quick Recap
In expressing his disappointment in 7.3, Intern Tim yesterday proclaimed that it was an episode in which “nothing really happened.” And he was more or less right.


Vince, still in his post-crash quarter-life crisis, buys a motorcycle and accompanies Scotty Lavin to an auction, where he’s introduced to Adrian Peterson and “Braveheart” writer Randall Wallace, who wants to cast him in some new Stan Lee superhero movie called “Airwalker.” Then Vince buys a bunch of rich-guy stuff, plays Truth or Dare, and has a mid-party threesome. Yes, that’s what counts for not much happened on “Entourage,” or at least in Vince’s life.

Drama, meanwhile, takes a meeting with Roger (“Curb Your Enthusiasm”‘s Jeff Garlin), a showrunner who wants to write him a dramedy about brothers living in Maui. His “better-looking” brother may end up being John Stamos — if Drama can work with him and come to the grips with the fact that viewers will be laughing at him.

Turtle‘s company is running out of money, so all the girls quit, and Alex, who of course now has warmed back up to him, somehow convinces him to take her to Mexico for some shady business deal that she swears isn’t drug running. It will probably end up being something really benign and ultimately lame.

Sloan finally shows up at the 22-minute mark of the episode, but E ditches a nice, quiet dinner with her because he thinks Scotty is moving in on his client Vince. At the party, they get in a shoving match and break Vince’s new $275,000 (or more) T-Rex fossil.


Ari continues to have the most interesting storyline going. Mrs. Ari is still pissed that she caught him dancing with Lizzie in his office, and thinks she should have been fired when she was caught f*cking Andrew last season. So when Lizzie asks Ari to let her take over the TV department, he tells her that she hasn’t earned it yet, so she promptly quits. In the coming attractions, Lizzie is swearing her revenge, which JoePA thinks means she’s going to go after a Los Angeles NFL team herself. Since she clearly doesn’t have the money, she’ll have to find a billionaire who does — odds are that would be one of Ari’s biggest rivals. But would Ari let it come to that? Would he lure Lizzie back in to the agency in time to prevent  her from sabotaging his chances at owning his own football team? And since we all know that in real life an L.A. team isn’t happening anytime soon, can’t we assume the whole endeavor is really just a pipedream?

The Funniest Lines:
Not nearly as strong of dialogue as episode 2, but some funny lines nonetheless. (Note: My note-taking wasn’t great this week, so I might have flubbed a few of these and missed some others. Leave your favorites in the comments.)

  • Drama to Vince: [After seeing Vince’s motorcycle] “We rode Schwinns, bro.”
  • Ari at Mrs. Ari: “This family is going to own a football game.”
  • Ari to his son: “Jews don’t carry guns, you know that.”
  • Ari to Mrs. Ari: [About the Lizzie incident]: “I would have spun Lloyd around if I could, and if I could lift him.”
  • Someone to someone, I totally forgot who said this: “I’d suck herpes out of a girl’s ass.”
  • Drama to Roger: [about his early career Emmy’s] “No wins after ’91?”
  • Roger to Drama: [about working with him] “I’m exuberant.”
  • Ari to Lizzie: [about whether or not she’s f*cking her way to the top] “Tell that to Andrew’s fatherless children.”
  • Scotty: [regarding the fossil that Nic Cage bought for a quarter of a mil] “I’m sure at this point the IRS has a dinosaur head.”
  • One of Turtle’s Drivers: [after he says that they get tips] “Mostly we get cash offers to give bl*wjobs.”
  • Ari to Someone: [maybe to Babs?] “You would look great in leather pants and a gag ball.”
  • Drama: “What I’m playing the ugly guy?” E: “No, you’re playing the not as good looking as the really good looking guy.” Drama: “Good luck casting that.”
  • Scotty to the auctioneer and her friend at the party: “One way or another everyone’s going to get f*cked.”
  • Drama: [about Alex] “Isn’t that the girl who won’t f*ck him?”

Most Random Cameos:
Adrian Peterson, selling his T-Rex skull, for sure. Show creator Doug Elin, by the way, claims that this is based on a real dinosaur skull that Kevin Connolly saw at a party in L.A. Randall Wallace is boring; I hope he’s not Vince’s next director.

The Talent:
O.K., finally. First, Vince has a thing for brunettes. We get it. And I’m not saying anything bad about the auctioneer (Taylor Cole) and her friend (Kathy Gar
), who Vince and Scotty pl
ay Truth or Dare with and then Vince f*cks. But did you see the other girls walking around in the background of the party? One was hotter than the next. The two tall blonde girls in the picture above just went everywhere together and seemed to always be in the shot (thank you, Mr. Director), and there was another shot of a tall black girl in a blue bikini who had just an unbelievable body. Seriously, what the f*ck are we all doing not living in Hollywood and going to these parties? And don’t tell me these parties only exist in the minds of casting agents; all those girls live in L.A. somewhere, and even if they’re waitresses or going out on auditions most of the time, surely they like to party every once in a while at big movie stars’ houses. Get me to L.A. Also, can we get these extras’ names in the credits, so we can tell the world who they are? That’d be great, thanks.

Photos of the credited girls are on the next page…


Taylor Cole, Laura




Kathy Gardiner, Kate






Kara Houston, Holly (who was this? I dunno but she’s hot…)



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