Disturbing Trend: Hipsters Snatching Up Throwback NBA Jerseys at Alarming Rates

by 9 years ago


As every Bro knows, diging through your closet to pull out a musty, threadbare, vintage NBA throwback jersey from your childhood is the crackspot. No matter the season, Bros feel a nostalgia for the NBA of yesteryears and an alley oop of freshness when rocking an authentic Chris Webber circa his Golden State Warriors years or a Shawn Kemp Seattle Sonics jersey. However, a new report suggests this awesome trend may soon be jumping the same shark that led to Bros Icing Bros destruction…


Yesterday the Faster Times published a hard-hitting investigation and gallery about how an alarming number of hipsters at Chicago’s Pitchfork Music festival were spotted wearing NBA throwback jerseys in Union Park. In fact, there were so many jerseys present that blogger Jay Sutel was able to put together a 15-man NBA roster by early Saturday evening. Check it out here.


In the past, Pitchfork has a garnered a reputation in the music world as an annual gathering of indie music-loving hipsters. Headliners this year included LCD Soundsystem, Modest Mouse, and Pavement. Other acts throughout the three-day festival were indie, noise-rock bands rarely seen in the Downloads of the Day. However, perhaps the NBA jersey crowd was there to see Raekwon and Big Boi, who we hear killed it


Anyway, are you worried about the NBA jersey trend gaining steam beyond Bros and catching on with hipsters? Sound Off in the comments…


[Photo via Jay Sutel]