The Best One-Liners by the ‘Mad Men’ Women

by 8 years ago

This week I’m in the midst of a “Mad Men” Season 3 marathon that involves a couple (legally) downloaded episodes, two perfectly timed DVDs via Netflix, and DVR recordings of AMC’s weird five-episodes-out-of-13 mini-marathon last night. If all goes according to plan, I will be completely caught up by Sunday night’s Season 4 premiere. To get those “Mad Men” fans among you equally excited about the new season, here’s a follow up to the video we posted last week about the “Mad Men” men’s best pick-up lines from the first three seasons. This one is a compilation of the best one-liners by the women of “Mad Men.” Gotta love the early-’60s sass of Betty, Joan, and Peggy. It’s after the jump.

Warning: Season 3 spoilers are sure to be included, so beware if you’re trying to catch up like me.

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