InternTim Writes a Letter to Lindsay Lohan in the Clink

by 9 years ago

Editor’s Note: We’ve had “Write Lindsay Lohan a Letter in Prison” on our to-do list all week. Thanks to InternTim, we can finally cross it off…


With Lindsay Lohan obviously going through a rough time right now, the BB team wanted to reach out to her in her time of need. I wrote her a letter explaining how we’re here for her and that flashing her hoochie shouldn’t be considered a bad thing. Hopefully this letter reaches her and she comes to NYC to party with us because honestly that would be a f*cking sick time. Plus she’s probably an easy bang for BroBible’s other intern, Joe Lax. He needs it. Read the whole thing after the jump.



Lindsay Lohan #2409752

Century Regional Detention Facility

11705 S. Alameda Street

Lynwood, CA 90262


Dearest Lindsay,

I’m writing to you with an open heart and from behind forgiving eyes. I write for the website and we here at the site just wanted to extend our gratitude to you for holding it down and being a real girl. You want to go out and booze until you flash your tw*t? We say go for it. You want to blow rails in the bathroom of a club? I say bravo! Fuck, I’ve been on MTV too Linds, granted it was only the website and it was for breaking into my school and dragging trees into a classroom to turn it into a jungle, but I get it. The spotlight sucks. We here at the site honestly respect what you do and know what you have been through. Our articles get run thru with a fine tooth comb by the feminist mafia and we get death threats from outraged southerners who love their sweet tea a little bit too much. What I’m trying to say is that we love you Lindsey and want to help support you in this tuff time.


We would love to have you call in or even come hang in NYC with us for a day and get f*cked up. Maybe do an interview for the site. I know that you have a ton of fans in our readers. It would be a great gesture as well as a huge step forward for you.

In Lindsay we trust.


Yours truly,