Report from Manchester: The Night Before the World Championships…

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Editor’s Note: Former Duke All-American Ned Crotty is over in England this week taking part in the lacrosse World Championships. The night before the big championship game against Canada, he filed this dispatch.


Hey everyone,

I am reporting to you from over here in Manchester, England. So far the World Games have been an awesome experience. We’ve gone 5-1 so far with our one loss being to Canada, but luckily we are able to face them again tomorrow in the Championship and try to bring back the Gold to the States.

Manchester has been a lot of fun, the weather isn’t so hot, though it is usually raining or cloudy and pretty cold and rarely sunny. We are staying at Manchester University, which has also been great. Everyone has their own rooms and the accomodations so far have been great. The food, on the other hand, has not been quite as good. We usually eat in the cafeteria for breakfast and lunch, which are always interesting experiences; we often times have to ask what everything is because it is pretty difficult to tell. For dinner after
our games we head off campus and go downtown to different restaurants, which have been really good. Tonight we all went to this Italian place, Don Giovani’s, and it was awesome, good carbo loading before our big championship game.


Playing against the other countries has been an amazing experience. We have played Australia, Canada, England, Germany, and Japan twice, the second time in the semi-finals. Listening to their accents and different languages on the field has really been something, especially Germany and Japan. Off the field
we have been able to interact with players from those countries and a lot of other ones as well. It is pretty cool to be walking by different teams and have them wish you good luck and have them say that they are pulling for you.

As for other off-field activities, on Wednesday we had the day off before our semi-final game against Japan, so the team went to Old Strettford stadium where Manchester United plays and we got all got a tour. The stadium was incredible and we learned a lot of cool stuff about it and some of the history behind it.
But I’m not gonna lie: I was pretty surprised with the players lounge and the locker room. After seeing how amazing the stadium was we were all expecting a little more from them, but I would have to say I was unimpressed.

O.K, that’s it for me, hope you guys enjoyed this. I’m heading to bed, its 11 p.m. here and I need to get ready for tomorrow’ s big championship game, which by the way is on ESPNU at 11 a.m. ET so check it out and support the red, white, and blue!

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