BroBible Exclusive Video: Mel Gibson Defaces a Classic Journey Ballad (NSFW Language)

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Ah, Mel Gibson. Where can one start, really? When his latest series of tirades — targeting everyone from African Americans to run-of-the-mill hoes — was released, most of America immediately wanted to ring his doorbell and curb his face on the sidewalk via a boot to the back of the skull. And Gibson deserves much more than the decades of backlash and cinematic boycotting he will inevitably receive.


Something bigger had to be done. Something that would hopefully help people never forgive or forget what a pile of steaming-hot smegma this guy really is. His “I was drunk so I became an anti-Semite” free pass from a couple years ago has run its course after this latest slurfest. This time the world won’t be so willing to forgive him. And Mel knows this was the final straw, he isn’t dumb. He is just a fuming racist with a heart of stone, which is why he fled back to Australia again.


So as I sat surfing the web, reading quote after ridiculous quote, searching for a way to get payback, I stumbled upon some audio of Mel Gibson singing Journey’s “Faithfully.” But instead of using Steve Perry’s brilliant and kind words, Mel belted out his own set of lyrics. And no, Mel wasn’t singing about being remorseful for what he did nor did he finally own up to being a walking pile of shit. As it turns out, Mel is way less apologetic than previously thought. And in doing so, he memorialized himself in racisim history. Take it away Mel… Then kindly drop dead.


Warning: NSFW Language.




Here is another song that was also “allegedly” performed by Mel, but really Jon Lajoie:


(Note: These are both satirical parodies and neither was actually performed by Mel, but they conceivably could have been and that is the scary part.)

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