A Shot to Treat Herpes is Right Around the Corner

by 9 years ago

It’s a red-letter day for all you proud owners of genital herpes! Your struggles with cock sores, not to mention your days of owning a Valtrex prescription, may soon be numbered. According to CNN, a shot to treat genital herpes may be right around the corner. Details after the jump.

The potential vaccine, by Lexington, Mass.-based Antigenics, is now in an early stage human trial, and the preliminary results look promising. Although it would not prevent herpes, it would decrease transmission of the disease, according to the Boston Business Journal. 

Some 60 million Americans have herpes simplex virus type 2. The first phase of the study on the vaccine focused on 35 patients, all of whom had tested positive for herpes simplex virus type 2. 

Antigenics, discussing what would be a blockbuster pharmaceutical product, said that the vaccine is centered on heat shock proteins, substances found in all cells that play a role in helping the body’s immune system recognize diseased cells.

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