EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Cigar 101 with Playb*y Bunny Shannon James

by 8 years ago

Smoking a cigar is an all-time Bro tradition. There’s never really a bad time to do it; whether you’re having some down time with the boys, relishing in your team’s big win, taking a break from dancing like a bastard at a wedding, or celebrating when your ex tells you she’s not preggers after all.

A lot of Bros, however, haven’t had the opportunity to properly learn the basics of selecting, cutting, lighting, and smoking a cigar. In a lot of ways it’s a craft and the occasional smoker might not have time to learn the ins and outs. Fortunately, last week we got an invite up to Club Macanudo in the New York’s Upper East Side to have some cigars and one-on-one time with Playboy’s Miss May 2007 and Macanudo spokeswoman, Shannon James. Being a “work-comes-first” kind of guy, I reluctantly immediately cleared my schedule and made sure to make my way up to New York’s premier cigar lounge for a little “How To” with my muy fuego cigar tutor/Playmate and her four gorgeous colleagues.

They also filled me in on the Macanudo Millionaire Contest, which gives you a chance to win $2,000,000 and a trip to Vegas for you and three friends to hang out with Shannon and two other Playmates. All you need to do is click here, fill in your information and then use the official contest form to tell them about your best moment smoking Macanudo cigars by August 31, 2010, at 11:59 p.m.

Now, without further adieu, is our exclusive BroBible video, Cigar 101 with Shannon James. The picture and sound could be better (it was pretty dark and the smoke fan was humming) so apologies in advance, but at least my day couldn’t have been any better.