Partly Cloudy with a Chance of HOT: The 26 Hottest Weather Babes on TV

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Editor’s Note: Our friends at recently pitched us a post about the hottest weather girls from around the world. We happily obliged…
If you weren’t lucky enough to grow up with a TV in your room, there’s a pretty good chance you were forced to watch the news at night with your parents. Back when I was growing up, my favorite part on the news was when the hot local weather girl pranced across the screen of my family’s 30-inch, tube-style TV. I honestly can’t remember her name, so I came up with the next best thing: tracking down 26 hot weather babes and on-camera meteorologists from both the United States and abroad. If you know of any others in your neck of the woods, feel free to leave it in the comments.

Alexandra Steele
Hailing from Albany, New York, Alexandra Steele has a masters from Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism and works for the Weather Channel.

Angela Buchman
I live in Indiana so I have to pay tribute to one of our local hotties on WishTV channel 8, Angela Buchman.

Angie Gonzalez
If I were to ever move to Mexico then Angie Gonzalez may be one of the reasons why. Just look at her.

Ariane Brodier
The French must be happy when Ariane Brodier broadcasts the weather, even on rainy days.
Dagmar Midcap
I’m not a big fan of red heads but I feel Dagmar Midcap of Atlanta Georgia’s WGCL-TV deserves mention.
Domenica Davis
Weather girl Domenica Davis may be the only thing fair and balanced about Fox News.

Dorota Gardias
If you ever get dragged to Poland for some sort of kind of pierogi and borscht feeding frenzy, remember to tune into the news to catch a glimpse of Dorota Gardias.

Elita Loresca
Elita Loresca is a famous L.A.-based hottie thanks to the national scope of “Tosh.0.”

Erin Nicole
I wonder if if Eminem got a chance with the weather girl of Detroit’s WXYZ. Erin Nicole is one foxy blonde.
Heather Tesch
Heather Tesch was gorgeous when she started her career in her 20s, but even now she is pretty hot. Can you say cougar?
Indra Petersons
The screenshot says it will be in the 60s but with Indra Petersons it should say the 90’s.
Gabriela Grechi
Gabriela Grechi is famous for driving Italian men wild with the sexy outfits she wears when forecasting the weather.
Jackie Guerrido
Apparently Univision’s “Despierta America” is one of the most popular Spanish news shows in America and that is probably because of Jackie Guerrido.
Jackie Johnson
I think I need to move to Southern California if every weather girl looks like Jackie Johnson of KCBS in Los Angeles. Year-round sunny skies and warm temperatures are perks as well.
Jennifer Lopez 
No relation to the other Jennifer Lopez, but this is another cute weather girl who started her career at The Weather Channel. She’s now an on-camera meteorologist at NBC 5 in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.
Jen Carfagno
The host of the Weather Channel’s “First Outlook” from 4 a.m. to 6 a.m. Monday to Friday is a Penn State graduate who claims to have grown up with a love for meteorology.
Maria Quiban
I didn’t know UPN had news, but it makes sense with girls like L.A.’s spicy broadcaster Maria Quiban as their weather girl.
Vivian Brown
The co-host of the Weather Channel’s PM Edition, she’s the go-to anchor when big storms hit. Above, Vivian mans the desk during the Arctic Blast of 2008.
Mary Gamarra
Mary Gamarra is another reason why I should try to learn Spanish by watching Telemundo.
Nicole Mitchell
This Weather Channel bombshell first got interested in meteorology while serving as a Weather Observer in the U.S. Air Force. Mitchell’s Weather Channel bio says she’s pursuing a J.D. at Georgia State University, so she might not be on the air much longer. 
Noemi Gaal
If you want viewers as a news station, have your wardrobe department dress weather girls as provactively as Noemi Gaal of Hungary.

Sabrina Fein
Before she went west to Hollywood, Sabrina Fein was a local weather girl sensation at Orlando’s Fox 35. 
Maria Larosa
One of the Weather Channel’s hottest on-air personalities is also a Pennsylvania State University alumnus.
Stephanie Abrams

Weather Channel weathercaster and Al Roker’s occasional stand-in on the “Today Show” is a former Delta Phi Epsilon sorority girl at the University of Florida. 



Valentina Avanzi

Here’s another reason to go to Italy in the summer: Sun and Valentina Avanzi.

Vera Jimenez
KTLA’s morning weather and traffic reporter will wake you up with her perky personality and extra skimpy outfits.

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