HPOA’ Girl Quits Job, Calls Out Boss Via 33 Dry-Erase Board Messages

by 9 years ago


Yesterday we told you about a JetBlue flight attendant who flipped out at a rude customer on his plane, started yelling obscenities over the PA system, quit his job of 28 years, then pulled the emergency chute, grabbed two beers, slid down to the tarmac, hopped on the AirTran, got his car, and went home. That’s one way to quit your job. Today, via our friends at The Chive comes another way. A young woman, apparently named Jenny, sent an office-wide email that consisted of 33 photos, explaining her decision to leave the firm. What sent her over the edge? An evil boss who called her a “HPOA” and spent all day on the web doing… well… you’ll see.


We’re starting the series of photos after the jump, but then you’ll have to jump over to The Chive.









It gets much better… Click here to keep reading over at the Chive.

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