POLL: Should BroBible Eliminate Anonymous Commenting?

by 9 years ago

In the next two weeks, BroBible will enjoy a site-wide refresh. This isn’t a relaunch per se, because we’re not unveiling a redesign, but we are adding several new sections and changing to a new content management system. You’ll notice a few slight differences in the way you interact with the site, but we think the new inner workings will make the run site faster and more efficiently.


One question we want your input on is whether or not we should allow anonymous commenting. For months, Bros have posted pleas in the Brommunity asking for us to turn off anonymous comments. It’s something we’ve long debated and now want your official input on the matter. Before we get to the poll, just a reminder that currently you must be registered and signed in to post a story in the Brommunity. This won’t change. Eliminating anonymous commenting doesn’t mean that we’re eliminating stories written by non-Bro douchebags who are just looking to get a rise out of the Brommunity. Those writers have registered and logged in — which is pretty much all we can ask of them without creating an editor approval process — and the best way to discourage their idiotic posts is for commenters to simply ignore them.


We, the editors, would like to eliminate anonymous comments if for no other reason than that it would cut way down the amount of Spam in the comments. But we also know that there’s a degree of comfort in hiding behind an Anonymous handle, even if your Bro Alias is inherently anonymous to begin with. All that said, let’s get to the poll.