15 Subreddits That Will Restore Your Faith in the Internet

by 6 years ago

When you type in certain Subreddits—the specific threads dedicated to one subject—you find an absolute Pandora’s box of cringe-worthy pictures, the cruel realities of humanity, and other finds that drive us to traverse the Internet for hours every day. Type these bad boys after “reddit.com” in your URL, and you’ll be experiencing the twisted inner machinations of the Internet in no time. 


From grinning seals to Redditors themselves, this obscure section of Reddit contains nothing but worthless pictures of Shaquille O’Neal holding up different things. It’s goofy pages like these that, ironically, make wasting time on the Web worth it.

Because now you know that yes, Kazaam is still a bench-lifting animal even after retirement.


What would the Internet be without a place to praise the crummy aspects of this great green Earth? Remember, no porn posts—unless it’s excessively trashy (in which case let the upvotes rain, boys).


This web page is one of the most fucked-up URLs any Internet protocol suite has ever had the displeasure of serving. At publication, two of its top posts were a frighteningly vivid description of depression and a 19-month-old on life support. The dark recesses of humanity can’t be unseen—so explore for yourself and finally lose all faith in the world.


Here, nothing is safe and everything is tasteless and dark. We love the Internet because of how it throws the fucked-up world right in our faces. Think of this as /r/MorbidReality, but with a shockingly hilarious sense of humor. We're not sure whether to feel guilty for laughing, or be amazed that there are 270 million crazy fucks like us subscribed to it.


Don’t worry, there are some bright areas in this seemingly bleak website. Even if they are geeky as hell. Check r/DataIsBeautiful to learn a little about the universe in a distinctively attractive way. If the charts are over your head, then retreat to your defense mechanism, Facebook.


An obvious Subreddit name for an obviously important part of being alive. Most of the links in r/Humor are to columns or news stories—meaning it's devoid of quick-hit memes or GIFs—so some dedication is required.


A Subreddit named after a sarcastic response to someone’s strong condemnation. That probably means nothing to you. Just wear some sunglasses, go to the page, and don’t try to understand why you’ll be cracking up at all the GIFs. Accept the mystery.


Internet = Cats. Moving on.


We can’t feel up normal, breathing, alive people because there are laws and stuff against it. Might as well snap funny pictures of statues touching our ass and stuff. It’s funnier and legal.


Let’s face it, we all used to have bowl cuts and hang out in cemeteries with face paint on. We probably just never dared put these images of us online. Thankfully there are pictures of other people during their shamefully formative years we can laugh at on this Subreddit.


A simple sentence spoken by a single guy can have a lot of power, especially in a rocky ocean like the Internet. Because a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. (Sorry.)


The best place to learn how many Super Bowl wins Europe has.


Photos of Hitler wearing socks or Hitler with socks photoshopped on him. Again, pointless as hell, yet stupendously funny. You’ve come to the Reich place.


The most basic purpose of the Internet is to learn shit in the quickest way possible. Why does Coke, the most popular soda in the universe, still advertise, you may ask? What exactly is Obamacare? Let the highest-voted comments from the smart Redditors hold your hand, as they simply answer your seemingly complicated questions.


There isn’t a snowball’s chance in Hades we could leave this one out of the list here at the Kate Upton News Network (K.U.N.N.). This page alone has more of this goddess’ skin than all our articles combined. Call this reference our journalistic obligation.

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