17-Year-Old Weed Kingpin Was Running a $3 Million Drug Ring

by 7 years ago

A 17-year-old skateboarder named Tyler Pagenstecher was hauling in $20K a month as the leader of a $3 million drug ring that grew and sold high-grade super-sticky hydroponic greenbud. This barely-out-of-diapers babyface was out-earning every working stiff in America because of a system that rewards those willing to illegally provide a service that will always, and forever, have demand. Believe in legalizing weed so the Tyler Pagenstechers of the world have to get real jobs. This entrepreneurial adolescent is exactly indicative of the problem — criminalization creates a market for those unafraid of the law. A market in which part-time gardeners live large while you bust your ass.

To put the problem in context, here is a short convo between America and Government: 

America: Yo, the economy 

Government: What's good

America: F*ck man, come on. I can't get three packs of Pita Chips anymore. I have to settle for those bags that says it has 33% more

Government: Oh man, I f*cking hate those. No way there's actually 33% more. 

America: I know dude. But just legalize weed and jobs and I'll stop complaining because I'll have something for my back pain. And we could have mad jobs. And there don't have to be those commercials where it suggests that its safe for a dog to drive your car. And jobs. 

Government: Haha. Those commercials were mad weird yo.  

America: Could you please do me this solid? I'm having a tough time. 

Goverment: You sound like could really use a doobie. 

To Be Continued…. 

[H/T: Heavy]

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