VOTE! The 2010 Bro Alias Tournament of Champions: the Final Four

by 8 years ago

Well, we finally made it: the Final Four of BroBible's 2010 Bro Alias Tournament of Champions. East #1 seed Frosty the Flow Man is the heavy favorite, dominating competition thus far, including an 80%-to-20% victory in the Elite 8. N. Double-Chay C.P. joins him as the other top seed still left in the tournament. In the South regional, Chillbro baggins bested #5 pillsbury bro boy in the closest match-up yet: the hobbit won by a single vote. But the biggest story of the tournament remains #11 Flowbi Wan Kanbrobi, who pulled a massive upset over #1 Ben and Sperry's to earn a spot in the first-ever Bro Alias Final Four. But can the Cinderella pull off a Butler-esque performance this round and reach the Championship? (And if he get's there, can he hit the buzzer beater?) There's only one way to find out. Vote for the Final Four Bro Aliases after the jump.