BroBible’s 2010 Bro Alias Tournament of Champions: Third Round

by 8 years ago

The Bro Alias Tournament has reached the Sweet 16, and things are getting interesting. A #11 seed, #12 seed, and #13 have all advanced, as have a #6 seed and two #5 seeds. Can any of them give the #1 and #2 seeds a tough match-up this week? South Regional #1 Chay-C Slater may be the most vulnerable; he barely edged out Johnny McEnrbro in the second round 51% to 49%, and now faces #5 pillsbury bro boy. And although N.Double-Chay C.P. notched the largest second-round victory (67% to 33%) over Brorak Flowbama, he must face #13 upstart Chay-Z, who many thought was mis-seeded by the Selection Committee in the first place. Should be interesting. Vote for your favorites after the jump.

Note: In the survey below, William Chaykespeare is misidentified as a #3 seed. He's a #6 seed.

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