2014 Was The Year We Couldn’t Stop Yelling ‘Fuck Her Right In The Pussy’ — Here Are This Year’s Best FHRITP Moments

by 4 years ago


This year will be remembered for a lot of things: the Ice Bucket Challenge, ISIS, North Korea’s alleged Sony hack, the assassination of Bill Cosby’s character, Ray Rice’s elevator ride, numerous celebrity deaths, and a number of other things I’ve forgotten because this job has murdered my longterm memory. But above all, 2014 brought us the “fuck her right in the pussy” meme and it was something the entire world embraced. Well, the entire world except for unsuspecting news reporters.

We can probably keep this meme living for several more years by fucking other orifices, but here’s to hoping 2015 is remembered for something other than “fuck her right in the mouth.” Until then, please enjoy six minutes — SIX BEAUTIFUL MINUTES — of people saying “fuck her right in the pussy”