You Won’t F’n Believe How Many People Watched Internet Porn In 2015…Seriously, These Numbers Are INSANE

by 5 years ago

I’ve been told for most of my life that the overwhelming majority of Internet traffic is to websites like Pornhub (porn sites), and I’ve always taken that statement with a grain of salt because until now I’ve never seen concrete proof. Well, Pornhub just released analytics on their 2015 web traffic and HOLY HELL, why am I not in the porn biz? The amount of traffic these adult video websites are getting is almost unfathomable…like, billions and billions of people watching videos. Pornhub’s the King of the Internet and it’s not even close…keep scrolling and you’ll see what I mean.

As part of their ‘Year In Review’ Pornhub put out a bunch of infographics showing just how much traffic they get, including figures such as how many billions of visits they got in 2015, the total amount of time people spent watching video, how many gigabytes of video is streamed every second, millennial viewing habits, the most popular devices to watch adult video, etc. etc. etc….and this is all very fascinating. So before I editorialize this too much let’s get to the numbers!

Just a heads up, there is A LOT on info from Pornhub’s 2015 Year in Review that I didn’t include here, and you can access all of the infographics by following any of the links below that can be found in the captions of the images. It’ll take you over to Phub’s analytics site which is 100% SFW.

As I mentioned before, there is A LOT MORE info over on Pornhub Analytics’ 100% SFW site, which you can access by CLICKING HERE.

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