BroBible’s 4-Week Summer Workout Plan: Off-Day Intervals

by 8 years ago

For this week, I’ve decided on treadmill sled sprints as the interval of choice. Because most people do not have access to a Prowler, these offer an alternative weighted sprint movement that can be done in any gym with a treadmill.

First, step onto a treadmill, but don’t turn it on. The weight you are going to be “pushing” is the resistance provided by the treadmill’s belt. Rest your hands on treadmill’s electronic console in a way that mimics the position you would be in if you were going to be pushing a car. Keep your arms like this and start to run. The treadmill’s belt will be difficult to budge at first, but sprint as hard as you can for 20 seconds and then stop and rest for 60 seconds. The idea here is to have almost completely caught your breath by the next interval so that you can go just as hard as the first. Repeat this sprint/rest process for 5 rounds if your fitness level is low. Increase the rounds accordingly. You can also play around with the times (e.g. 10 seconds on, 20 seconds rest). If you’re not gasping for breath or wanting to throw up at the end, you probably didn’t go hard enough.

Here’s a video of what it should look like. Post some of your best times in the comments and see how you faired against others. 

Tomorrow we will post the Wednesday plan for our 4-week Summer Workout.

And in case you missed Day 1, go here.

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