This 44-Year-Old Dame Who Banged Her Friend’s Teen Son Is A Real Freak

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Hanging out with your mom’s friends is one of the most reliably boring things a guy has to do. If one of your friends ever says that he loves hanging out with his mom’s friends, his mom’s friend is defintely 44-year-old Karen Ackland, who just went to court for banging the shit out of her friend’s 14-year-old son.


The divorced mom, who has two teenagers of her own, was at a party when she got a little sauced off some vodka. One thing led to another, and after some sexy BJ talk, she accosted the boy in his bedroom as he was changing for bed. They then went to pound town.

Things were going well until the boy’s older brother heard some sex noises and came to break it up. Wow, jealous much? It’s one thing to cock block a friend, but your own brother? Weak.

The boy’s mother had this to say about Ackland –

‘She was always a party animal and when she had too many drinks she completely loses all self-respect and embarrasses herself.

‘She used to always say ‘I’m a nightmare when I’ve had a drink’ and she’d always have a few men on the go.

‘But I was a great friend to her and I stood by her. I never expected this. 

‘She was very domineering and my son said as soon as it happened that he’d wished he’d never done it.’

A) Party animal indeed.
B) You know that when an older woman has a peroxide pixie cut, she’s definitely up to some freaky shit.
C) Of course the son said he wished he’d never done it! What the hell is he gonna say? “Mom…your friend knows EXACTLY what she’s doing. Did she, by any chance, mention anything about my performance?”

Ackland apparently defended herself to a friend by saying, “He tried to kiss me. I’m a 40-year-old woman what am I supposed to do?” I love that logic because of how little sense it makes. Is there some rule that if you’re over 40-years-old and a hot teen tries to make out with you, by middle-aged-woman law you must accept his advances? If that is a real thing, I need to start taking advantage of this ASAP.

My favorite part of the article is this little tidbit about the bang sesh –

During this she was moaning and at one point asked him to spit into her mouth.

OH, WORD? Damn, lady, you a freak.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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