Look Before You Lambeau Leap

by 10 years ago


As we head into Week 5 of NFL football things start to become a little clearer. Brett Favre can still win a game on a final drive. Ochocino’s Lambeau Leap was bought and paid for, even though it was still pretty awesome. And obvious playoff teams have fully emerged, previous champions find themselves at the bottom of their respective divisions, and some weak teams have materialized wins out of thin air, tricking owners with fantasy magic into investing in bad players. Some shake ups in the wide receiver category might seem appealing and some winning teams might be winning games now, but I urge fantasy owners to look before they leap.

The Braylon Edwards Effect:

The most talented player on the Browns now plays for the Jets, leaving Cleveland a football wasteland. Fans just better hope LeBron sticks around or they’ll have nothing to live for. While Edwards won’t gain too many fantasy points himself by changing jerseys, he’ll certainly help the Jets (and fantasy owners of Mean Green’s players) in more ways than one. Their already sick running game with Thomas Jones, Leon Washington (FSU what!), and rookie Shonn Green will get even better when Edwards draws defensemen away from the backfield. Edwards also adds another target to the Jets’ already impressive list of wide outs for Mark “Dirty” Sanchez to look for. He’ll also draw defenders away from Jerricho Cotchery, opening up more passes for him. Edwards had a breakout season in 2007 but has been quiet ever since and while he may not be a good fantasy starter (drops balls left and right) he’ll make every other player on the Jets look good.

The Michael Crabtree Effect:

Similar to the Braylon Edwards Effect, Michael Crabtree will bring fame, fortune, and fantasy points not only to the rest of his new team but to himself as well. Crabtree could be that extra wide out the Niners have been looking for to balance out their offense. He’ll take a little time to get used to the offense but once he does, expect him to blow it up against San Fran’s lesser divisional opponents. Like Edwards, Crabtree will be a new target for the quickly emerging Shaun Hill and draw attention away from an already talented receiving and running corps. Crabtree (even though he’s a greedy punk from a shitty school) will help the 49ers make it to the playoffs this year.

The Eagles are Back, Sort of:

Both Donovan McNabb and Brian Westbrook are back after Philly’s bye week and are expected to do big things against the 0-4 Bucs and their Swiss cheese defense, but I make this warning: The Eagles have always been a huge disappointment. Always expected to be great and they fall just short. McNabb (even though he’ll be wearing a fancy girdle this week to protect his ribs) could get hurt again and the same goes for Westbrook.

Denver’s First Loss:

I’ve discredited the Broncos all season long. I don’t like their coach. I don’t like their receivers. I don’t like their running game or defense. I don’t hate Kyle Orton but I think Mark Sanchez grows a better mustache. They have played two terrible teams and two mediocre teams. They aren’t blowing up the scoreboard and their first loss will come this week against the Patriots who knocked off the unbeaten Ravens last week.

WTF Romo!?

I have two theories on Tony Romo to explain his recent suckage. The first is that he’s dating a hot blonde singer on the side and the paparazzi and the celebrity magazines have yet to find out about it. He always plays terribly when dating a hot blonde singer. Single Romo is good for the team (although, yes, bad for Lil’ Tony). My second theory is that the Cowboys will be just O.K. during the regular season, become a wildcard team, and somehow win one or two playoff games and be restored to the way they started the season: pretty good. If Romo wins games during the past few seasons and can’t win in the playoffs, maybe the opposite rule will be in effect this year. “