BroBible Launches Open, Anonymous Commenting (Though We Still Think You Should Register and Login)

by 10 years ago


We’re thrilled to announce that open, anonymous commenting has finally gone live. Here’s the deal….

If you’re a registered user of BroBible (and/or the LockerRooms), we highly encourage you to login and comment as you have been. This way, you claim ownership to your brilliant comments and your fellow Bros will know that you’re the one commenting. It also takes away some of the hassle of entering your info and a reCaptcha every time.

If you’re NOT a registered user and want to comment, you may now do so by entering your email address, an alias, your comment, and one of those annoying reCaptcha things that prove to us that you’re not a robot and you’re not spamming us. You must enter an email address, but don’t worry, it won’t be shown anywhere on the site. If you leave the alias blank, your comment will be posted under Anonymous. If you enter an alias that is already taken by a registered user, you’ll be asked to choose a different alias. If you enter an original alias, your comment will be posted under that name and we’ll highly encourage you to register that alias. If you don’t register it, anyone else can come in, use that alias, and essentially pass themselves off as you. Point being: have fun commenting, but register already.

Also, this is probably as good a time as any to remind you about our Brommunity Guidelines, which apply to our commenting as well. Please take a quick read through before commenting.

Last thing, if you want to Unleash a story in the Brommunity, you will still need to register and login. So once again, it’s probably best for you to just register and make everyone’s lives easier.