5 Best Videos of People Trolling the Westboro Baptist Church

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Luckily, as the “church's” profile has risen, a few brave souls out there have come forward to troll its not-so-bright members. And in the wake of the news this week that the WBC attempted to disrupt the funerals of Sandy Hook victims, we thought it'd be a solid time to highlight these heroes. Because what brings people together more than hating the WBC?

(Serious point: Does anyone else out there kind of believe that maybe the WBC members are actually a part of a hidden gay rights organization? That they're taking this protesting to satiric levels in order to garner support for gays and lesbians? This line of thinking would mean that they're basically a real life collection of Dark Knights, taking the heat from everyone but doing it for the common good. I don't really believe this… But it's by far my favorite current conspiracy theory—except, of course, for the British Royal Family being Lizard People.)

University of Chicago Frat Bros

Upon hearing the news that the WBC would be protesting on their campus, the brothers of Alpha Delta Phi at the University of Chicago waited until the protesters were in front of their house, cranked up Diana Ross's “I'm Coming Out,” and got weird. Really weird.

Russell Brand Interviews Two Leaders

A marvel in interviewing—when members of the audience start yelling at two WBC leaders who had come on Russell Brand's talk show, Brand shuts down the hecklers under the guise of seeking common ground with his guests. Once he's got them on his side, though, he spends the entire ten minutes dropping sly references to their own sexuality and making fun of them without any sort of realization dawning on their end. That whooshing sound you hear? Barb after barb whizzing over their heads.

Australian Host Flirts with Protestor

An Australian talk show sends an interviewer to chat up one of the Phelps family members. He doesn't hide the fact that he's “flirting” with him, but comment after comment—”You have a lovely sort of voice,” “You must have lots of fans”—go by before the Australian finally drops the hammer (“You have a nice rear”), and the slow, creaking gears in Phelps' brain finally work for him, despite the decades of “Hills Have Eyes” levels of inbreeding. “Hey, we've got a pervert on our hands here!” he says.

The Foo Fighters Serenade the Church in Kansas City

Dave Grohl and company dress up in costume and perform directly in front of a protest. “Men lovin' men, and women lovin' women… Hell but you know we all like to watch that!” he says.

Brick Stone Gets 'Em in Vegas

If there was ever proof that these guys possess a third-grader's knowledge of the human anatomy it comes from this video. Biting sarcasm and a series of questions trap the members in logical holes, and none of them seem to have any idea what they're preaching exactly. This is our favorite.

Anyone have anything else? Leave it in the comments.

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