50 Cent Punches Female Fan During Concert, She Then Twerks On Stage

by 2 years ago

Last week, a girl threw a barrage of punches at a guy at spring break and we discussed if it okay to retaliate if a woman hits you first. Well, 50 Cent is apparently in the camp that believes it is sexist not to hit back at a woman if she attacks you first.

On Saturday, 50 Cent was performing a show at the Baltimore Soundstage with The Lox. That’s when a female fan grabbed 50 Cent and pulled him into the crowd. As he is falling off the stage, 50 punches the woman in the chest.

Instantly realizing he didn’t want to be sued, the rapper invited the woman onstage.

To twerk her ass off.

That’s not saying much about 50 Cent’s punch if a woman can twerk seconds after he punches her.

In related news, United Airlines is considering making 50 Cent their new spokesperson.

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