50 Cent’s Wild Tweets Call Out Tiger Woods, Lindsay Lohan, Kanye West, Ochocinco, Pregnant Granny

by 8 years ago

We don't follow 50 Cent on Twitter, but a Tweet just now by @OGOchocinco made us wonder if we're missing out:

So we clicked over to 50 Cent's Twitter account and now we're just as curious if someone else has hacked into his account and gone wild today. In the past hour alone, Fiddy has not only told Ochocinco that he loves watching him play football. He's also Tweeted about Kobe Bryant, Lamar Odom, and Tiger Woods's “white b*tches”; Lindsay Lohan's coke habits; looking up Chelsea Handler's skirt; Kanye's “spaced-out” tweets; stealing Keyshia Cole at gun point from the Cavs' Daniel Gibson; having an*l sex with a black girl (inspired to do so after watching adult entertainment); trying to find a “good main girl” to go alongside his “good side b*tch”; trying to convince his grandmother to have an abortion; and suggesting that fat and ugly str*ppers kill themselves.

It's best to read from the bottom up.


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