Is This 23-Year-Old Redhead From Texas The Prettiest Girl Working On Capitol Hill?

by 4 years ago


For those of you who smartly don’t pay close attention to both the day-to-day machinations of the United States government and the press arm that reverentially covers it, you are probably completely unaware that every year, a publication called The Hill releases a list of the 50 most beautiful people working in Washington, D.C.

And people go apeshit over it. It’s kinda (really) stupid. Like the president is on it. “Ohhh, look how pretty the president is.”

But every once in a while, there’s a gem, and to me, it is Taylor Weeks, a 23-year-old legislative correspondent for Texas Sen. John Cornyn.

Here she is.


The Hill

Pretty hot, no? I certainly think so. She was the first person on the list, and I can assure it is all downhill from there. I wasted ten minutes of my life for you, but if you want, feel free to do so yourself by clicking here.

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