All 50 States Ranked by How Happy or Unhappy Its Residents Are

by 5 years ago


I’ve only ever lived in New York, Pennsylvania and Florida, and based on only how those states are ranked I’d say this list is accurate (although south west FL is awesome). I currently live in New York, and I’m fucking miserable half the year. You could say that my misery is very similar to when I lived in Pennsylvania, which is conveniently New York’s equal on this list. But the list includes 50 states, and I’m SHOCKED that so many cold states have some of the country’s happiest mother fuckers. I refuse to believe that if you uproot me and place me in one of the Dakotas that my life would be better than it would be if I lived in Hawaii or even Florida again. I refuse to believe that. Of course, that’s assuming the Dakotas don’t provide every male resident with a life-time supply of free hookers and mountains of blow, which is a drug that I don’t even do, but who knows what kind of sordid shit I’d get into if it were free and I were living in a Dakota.

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[H/T Uproxx via Healthways]