All Bud Light Should Taste Like Bud Light Golden Wheat (i.e. Not Like Piss)

by 11 years ago

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O.K., I’m not a big fan of Bud Light. I don’t often drink it or buy it. I actually go out of the way to avoid buying Anheuser Busch or MillerCoors products partially because I like to support smaller breweries, partially because most of their beer tastes like it has already been drunk, pissed out, and then re-bottled.

When asked to do a review of the brand new Bud Light Golden Wheat, I reluctantly bought my 12-pack, drank all of them at once, did a little researching, and discovered some interesting facts.

Bud Light Golden Wheat bought out all the commercials on “Saturday Night Live” last weekend. The Anheuser Busch sponsorship was the first of its kind on SNL probably because all the people who would be watching TV at midnight on Saturday are out drinking better beer.

My criteria for reviewing beer are different when reviewing conglomo-beers like Budweiser American Ale or this week’s Bud Light Golden Wheat. My process for drinking large scale brewery beers is different from small batch microbreweries. The unheard-of extreme hopped and seasonal brews cost a bit more so I like to sip, savor, and enjoy them. Bud products are cheaper and I drink them when I don’t have any money and need to get sloppy. Instead of reviewing the taste, appearance, and aromatic characteristics of the beer, I judge them on how drunk they get me, how easy they are to chug, their price, and how much fun I’m having drinking them.

How drunk it got me:

Bud Light Golden Wheat got me pretty drunk. I drank all 12 at home in one night while watching the Falcons whoop up on da-Bears. I was with a college buddy from Atlanta and we had a hell of a time recounting stories from years past while emptying bottles into our gullets.

How easy it is to chug:

Really easy. We chugged three each for every touchdown the Falcons scored. A former beer-chugging champion, I respected the mild carbonation and the non-metallic aftertaste.


Not bad at just over $12 for a 12 pack. It got the job done for a modest price. Paying the extra few dollars is worth not drinking Natty.

How much fun I had:

I had a grand ole time drinking Bud Light Golden Wheat even though it’s not the best of the wheat beers I’ve ever tasted (like a watered down Blue Moon). I found myself liking Bud Light Golden Wheat much more than I like regular Bud Light. It tastes like they removed all the piss. “

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