Cocaine- and Topless Dancer-Loving Madoff Ran ‘North Pole’ Alongside Ponzi Scheme (But Check Out tha

by 11 years ago


Is anyone really surprised that Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi Scheme-supported operations was fueled by massive amounts of cocaine and “sexual deviance,” as suggested by a new lawsuit against the swindler?

According to CNN: “Among the allegations in the 264-page lawsuit are that during the mid-1970s, Madoff began sending employees to buy drugs for company use. The complaint alleges that some employees and investors were aware of the drug purchases, and that BMIS [Bernard Madoff Investment Services] was known by insiders as the “North Pole” in reference to the excessive amount of cocaine use in the work place.”

And what about all that sexual deviance?

“Company parties consisted of topl*ss entertainers, and some employees had affairs in places such as Madoff’s own office, the lawsuit says. Madoff was fond of escorts and masseuses, and used money stolen from investors to pay them, according to the complaint.”

Again, we’re not surprised in the least, and since we’re so tired of hearing about Madoff, we’re honestly just posting this story so that we can show the a**hole’s flow from years back. Such glorious flow should not be wasted on such an awful human being. “