Week 7: Free Agent Hunting? Look Under the Radar

by 11 years ago

Everybody knows to start Tom Brady against the Titans. The New England snow-blow out of Tennessee last week was easily predictable. Brady was bound to explode against a crippled and emotionless Titans defense and it seems all he needed was a little winter magic. Week 7 is full of even match ups sure to provide an upset or two, so I thought this week I’d go under the radar and focus on the sleepers. These players may have not put up Peyton (or Brees or Brady) points this year but slowly and steadily they are becoming promising starters and leading their respective teams to winning records.

[inline:fass]Matt Cassel, Chiefs

Cassel hasn’t had the best record with the Chiefs this season but he hasn’t totally sucked balls either. With only two interceptions and seven TDs, Cassel is the only football player in Kansas City who shows up on Sundays. Look for him to target Dwayne Bowe all day against the Chargers. KC is coming off two good games (Week 5 OT loss to the Cowboys, Week 6 win over Redskins) in which they played very well, while SD is still reeling from Monday’s loss to the unbeaten Broncos. With a talented but aging team, the Bolts might get skinned.

Shaun Hill, 49ers

A painful loss to the Falcons plus a whole bye week to recover spells trouble for the Houston Texans when they face Shaun Hill and the 49ers this Sunday. Michael Crabtree might be playing and Shaun “Squishy-face” Hill will be looking for a big win. When players are surrounded by immense talent, they perform better. With Frank Gore, Glenn Coffee, Josh Morgan, and Vernon Davis all coming up big, Shaun Hill should follow suit.

Steve Breaston, Cardinals

Fully recovered from a knee-injury, Breaston is the epitome of a sleeper. Shadowed by big name WRs in Arizona, Breaston is ridiculously underrated. Filling in for an injured Anquan Boldin last week, Breaston found the endzone for the first time this season and will be ready if he has to step in again. After the Saints exposed the Giants secondary for the thinly veiled sissies they really are, the Cardinals explosive offense should be able to exploit them for a few TDs.

Jeremy Maclin, Eagles

Maclin blew up big in Week 5 against the Bucs but was held silent last week in Oakland when the Raiders handed the Eagles a beating so bad that McNabb’s kids’ ribs hurt. This week the Eagles face the Redskins, the worst two-win team in the league, and trouble for Zorn in Washington spells big fantasy points for McNabb-to-Maclin all day long.

Justin Fargas, Raiders

With Darren McFadden out this week, the Raiders will try to take down Sanchez and the ailing Jets in Oakland. Last week’s punishment of Philly shows that the Raiders have what it takes to compete with big teams at home. Fargas will be the main ball carrier and score more than one touchdown on Sunday.

Donald Brown, Colts

Donald Brown is only owned in about half of fantasy leagues and started in fewer. Addai’s backup is worth some big points but gets hidden from view by the Peyton Manning Machine. Look for the Colts to give everybody a little playing time in this scrimmage/doomsday, depending on which side you’re on, against the Rams. “