Details Magazine Looking for Jewish Girls Who Goys Love and Who Are Willing to Wear Star-of-David Pa

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Calling all New York Jewish girls who attract goy guys by the pickle barrelful! Details Magazine — which, by the way, is the gayest straight guy magazine around, so needless to say, this is surprising — wants YOU for a photo shoot tomorrow. This email just got forwarded to our inbox, and we had to share.


do you know any pretty Jewish girls who would want to do a photo shoot at the Standard Hotel tomorrow around 3? It’s for a Details Magazine article about guys who are into Jewish chicks. The girl will wear pasties shaped like the Star of David…my awesome friend Matt Gunther is the photographer and I 100% promise that he isn’t creepy:

Matt said pay is around $300 and the shoot is 3 hours long.

Anyone interested can call Matt @ [redacted]

Bring all your JAP friends! Better yet, why not track down Natalie Portman and another favorite Jewish babe, Bar Rafaeli. A couple sample photos after the jump — think they’ll go for the pasties?


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