This Is What a 54,020 LED Light Christmas Light Display Looks Like

by 7 years ago

Via the description:

I installed this light show at a friends home in Fountain Valley, CA. It's dedicated to the memory of Larry Stewart who passed away on May 15th, 2011. Larry and his wife always wanted to do something big for Christmas, this is their dream come to fruition, I was glad to assist in making this happen.

This setup consists of 54,020 LEDs (220 StellaGreen strings controlled by 15 StellaScapes E16-II controllers), programmed to dance to the music via MADRIX Ultimate running on a custom built Core i5-760 @ 2.8GHz w/ 8GB of RAM. The snowflakes, arches, mini trees, mega tree, & star topper were all made by me. Several custom effects were programmed in MADRIX. All networking, installation, research, programming, & all nighters performed by me (Damion)

I'd like to thank Jan for giving me the opportunity & trust to tackle this project. John Chapman of Engineering Solutions Inc. for his guidance & help as well as Andrew Frazer. Last but certainly not least,my wife for sticking by my side throughout this journey in “lightland”!

Now that you've read the description, I just want to add this: Who the hell PAYS for a display like this? Do it yourself, bro. If you're going to be the biggest a**hole in the neighborhood, don't you want to have a little bit of pride to back all that swag up? No wonder it's not set to cool music…

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