Revealed: Bloomberg’s Seven Heavenly Anchor Babes

by 9 years ago

[inline:bloom]So after the massive response we received from yesterday’s article, “The 12 Hottest Female Anchors on Business Television,” we knew we had to do a follow-up piece on the Bloomberg babes, who, as Dealbreaker correctly nailed us on, we failed to include in the first go-around. It’s not that we have anything against Bloomberg, it’s just, honestly, who the hell watches Bloomberg television? Having said that, Bloomberg is loaded with a stable full of some serious talent. We went through the lineup and picked out the cream of the crop.

Now, unlike other networks who will remain nameless (coughCNBCcough), Bloomberg is not all about shameless publicity, so it was difficult to find a ton of background information about their female anchors on Bloomberg’s website (or anywhere else on the Internet for that matter). But it’s not like anyone is looking at these articles for the bios anyway. So here they are: the hottest DL babes from Bloomberg television and one bonus babe to top it all off. One more thing: we’re really sorry Dennis Kneale, but there won’t be a Hottest Male Business Reporters follow up after this. You can put your pants back on.


Deirdre Bolton


Anastasia Haydulina


Vera Gibbons


Michelle Makori


Margaret Brennan


Carol Massar


Melissa Theuriau

Melissa isn’t a business anchor; she actually works for a French television service called M6 as a regular news reporter. A reader over at Dealbreaker brought her to our attention and all we can say is WOW. She was voted TV’s sexiest news anchor in Maxim Magazine as well as most beautiful woman in the world in the French edition of FHM. In 2006, a French tabloid published topl*ss photos of her at a beach and the paparazzi have caught her topl*ss a few other times as well. We won’t post those pictures here, but you shouldn’t have a hard time finding them. She is so hot that were going to put up more than just two pictures of her, so enjoy and don’t forget to check her out on YouTube as well.

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