Pondering the Depth of Three Philosophers

by 9 years ago

[inline:philos]While BM-ing the other day, I was reading Men’s Journal’s 25 Best Beers in America in their latest issue. Ommegang’s Three Philosophers topped the list of best dark beers and after drinking a bottle the other night, I can see why.

I’ve reviewed an Ommegang beer here before and loved it; plus the brewery is in Cooperstown, home of the Baseball Hall of Fame and it being World Series week and all, I figured, why not.

This unfiltered, bottle-conditioned Belgian Trappist Quadrupel is corked, which makes opening it feel like a celebration and, anytime the Three Philosophers are involved, it is. The stream poured from the bottle looks reddish brown and clear but once it settles in the glass, this cloudy garnet brew gives off aromas of roasted malts and ripe cherries.

The carbonation on this beer is mild enough to not overpower its suggested 50-degree serving temperature. I tried it cold, let some sit and tried it warmer and I have no idea why anybody would want to drink a warm beer. If only all bottles had cold activated mountains that turned blue.

Three Philosophers’ mouthfeel is heavy and a little sticky with strong alcohol tastes at over 9 percent. Probably best drank after dinner like a brandy or scotch, this Ommegang powerhouse is layered with chocolate, subtle spices, and dark fruit flavors. It takes the entire 750ml bottle to really enjoy and pick out all the flavors. This is the kind of beer that deserves the hefty price tag at $8.99. “

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