FIFA ‘10: Where a ‘Quick Game Online’ is an Absolute Impossibility

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Editor’s Note: This is the second installment of a new recurring column on by lacrosse superstar Paul Rabil. Check out Paul on the web at and

FIFA yells at me.

Yes, I was going to write a FIFA ’10 review, which in turn may very well be what this blog turns into, but I think the prior sentence serves notice to all of you video game junkies out there. The game is the best on the market, hands down. If you care to argue, don’t. Instead, come find me on PS3 live; my name is “prabil.”

To be quite honest with you, I think FIFA ’09 took a dip from games in years past. The shooting was god-awful and too pressure sensitive. I know these European footballers have superior strength in their lower leg muscles, but the shooting skills needed to be user-friendly. Also, in ’09 it was nearly impossible to score on set pieces. Now don’t get me wrong, it happened every so often, but the consistency of technical shooting is much more on par this year than it has been in previous editions.

Another addition to the game that is very well orchestrated is the quick-start set piece. Similar to real football, when there is a cheap foul at midfield, or a quick nick to the boot with no card being presented, players will often just put their hand on the ball and kick it right away to keep the flow of the game in tact. They’ve added this feature to the game and it’s awesome. Nothing more annoying than someone fouling, the camera zooming in on the player fouled, then zooming in on the ref that just waives his hands and says `no more’… this needed to be fixed, and EA did so.

The worst feature of this game is how amazing the online mode is, and how I can’t stay away from it. It calls me everyday, every morning, every hour. I hate it. I feel like I can’t get any work done, much less eat a whole meal of food. For example, last night I went to play some hoops with my roommates at JHU. We came back at 9 or so and were going to eat dinner but decided to play a “quick game online.” Well we won 4-1, and decided to give our weak, pathetic opponent a rematch. Turns out he bailed on us in the third minute of game two, which left us feeling like we needed more. So… we sign up to play another lad.

This time, however, we played one of the folks from Britain who was all locked into his Bluetooth mode and was singing across the pond. Yeah, we could hear him mocking us all game. It was hands-down the most annoying thing in my life the past 30 days, especially after he scored his second goal, going up 2-0, then proceeded to juggle with his goalie. I hate playing the Brits. They understand the game so well and are so methodical about their approach. Anyway, long story made long, I didn’t eat dinner until midnight, but was fully content with housing my chili and noodle bowl so I could get back upstairs to the PS3.

The urge to play? I can’t explain it. All you have to do is experience it for yourself. I bet you can’t eat just one. “

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