Denzel Washington vs Will Smith: Who Really Gives a Shit?

by 10 years ago

[inline:will and denzel]

[inline:cert]On a bus ride home this weekend from a lax tournament, my fellow lax rats and I got to talking. We had a great weekend. The team got so rowdy at a campus bar that they strung up a piata for us and invited the biggest sorority on campus to come get wet on our denim boners. Amidst all of the farting, high-fiving, and recapping of a crazy night out on the town, we stumbled upon something profound:

Someone asked me what my favorite Will Smith movie was. I sat there deep in thought as one of my roommates emphatically shouted, “Independence Day!” Boos started raining in from all over the place. Fuck them. That was a great movie.

In the following seconds, a silence fell upon the bus as everyone went through all of the Fresh Prince’s many laudable performances. “Ali” was offered as a possible answer. “The Pursuit of Happyness” followed shortly thereafter. Everyone agreed that “I am Legend” is underrated and that “I, Robot” was just a “Minority Report” sequel. Then it happened.

“I liked him in ‘Training Day,'” shouted one of our jackass senior players. Everyone looked at each other for a moment, and then the bus burst into hysterical laughter. “Yeah moron, I liked Denzel in ‘Men in Black,’ too!”

But then the epiphany had arrived. Will Smith and Denzel Washington could play each other’s role in so many great movies — and no, not because they’re Hollywood’s two biggest black leading men. Who wouldn’t have loved Denzel, rather than Will, opposite Tommy Lee Jones in “Men in Black”? And who could not picture Will Smith killing the role as the aggressive disciplinarian Coach Boone in “Remember the Titans”? Both played legendary boxers (Muhammad Ali and Rubin “Hurricane” Carter) also!!!

They are two of Hollywood’s most bankable stars and have created so many memorable cinematic moments. Why not put them in a movie together? Boom. “