Is All Flow Good Flow?

by 10 years ago

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Me and my bros were debating something the other day. Is there such a thing as bad Flow? Some cited the mullet as in bad taste, hillbilly, and abuse of cabbage. Others said all lettuce is great, let the good times flow. I myself am not sure; maybe you can clear this up for the bro-nation.


Chaymie LangenBroner


This question couldn’t have come at a more opportune time since we are closing in on our Name That Flow contest deadline. At this point, I would highly doubt that anyone out there is questioning just what “flow” is, so I am not going to sit here and pontificate for minutes on end.

In case any of you have been living in a municipality filled with sk*nheads or for those bros who are new to the site and are confused about some of the ways that we chose to express ourselves linguistically, I will just say this: simply put, flow is your hair, but complexly, it is the length, style, and essence in which it represents you and your lifestyle. If you look this term up, you might find flow defined as, “Hair that flows out the back of someone’s lax helmet and curls up around the back of the helmet.” While flow is most prevalent in the lax world it is not exclusive to just lax or sports in general.

In pertinence to your question, is all head lettuce good head lettuce, even a mullet? I have to side with those who say no. But, I will say this: certain styles cross all eras while others live for years and then die horrible yet necessary deaths. Take our favorite and most beloved methamphetamine addict, Andre Agassi; his flow reigned supreme in its day, but rockin’ flow like that today certainly isn’t advisable. It’s as insane as growing out your pubes to save a few bucks on dental floss or going down on a chick with an ill reputation for her c*nt farts. It’s lunacy.

We at BroBible have discussed this and we concluded that sometimes a bad cut, poor taste, or a tragic event with garden sheers could leave you with a less than desirable flow, but in no way should you ever aspire to have a hellacious mullet, a bowl cut, or a clear case of overflow. If you start looking like Dee Snyder circa 1985, it’s high time for you to reevaluate your flow, your wardrobe, why you’re wearing eyeliner, and if your life is truly worth living.

Always flow responsibly,

Waffles “