Presenting Your Shark Survival Guide: 6 Things To Do During SHARK WEEK

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With that in mind, here’s 6 things (plus a bonus) you should be doing to get the most out of your SHARK WEEK experience. Following these simple steps will ensure next week is one that you’ll not soon forget.


Starting Sunday, August 12 at 9pm ET/PT, Phillip DeFranco of Revision3’s The Phillip DeFranco Show will host the Shark Week Chompdown, an exciting contest where fans will vote–via SHARK WEEK’s Facebook page and unique on-air Twitter hashtags–on which item they would like to see the Sharkzilla bite to pieces. The Sharkzilla is SHARK WEEK’s massive and destructive mechanical Megalodon, who will chomp down on whatever SHARK WEEK fans so desire, as determined by user voting.

2. Tweet #Sharkweek For A Chance To Be Featured on Air:

There aren’t many things in the world better than seeing your tweet on air. I mean there are, but there actually aren’t.

The hashtag #SharkWeek will be trending all week, and Discovery will be taking their “twitter frenzy” to the next level, complementing their 10 hours of programming with a live, on-air tweet ticker. Meaning that if you play your hashtags right, you’ll get to be ON Shark Week. Only the best Fin-atics will prevail, so best get some tweets ready.

3. DOWNLOAD – Simultaneous Viewing Experience

Because one screen is so 2004, viewers can immerse themselves further by downloading the Discovery Channel HD App for iPad and add Shark Week Plus to their SHARK WEEK experience.

The simultaneous viewing app is also audio-synced, and is paired up with five nights of premieres at 9pm ET/PT. Premiers include  AIR JAWS APOCALYPSE, SHARKZILLA, HOW JAWS CHANGED THE WORLD, SHARK FIGHT and GREAT WHITE HIGHWAY, as well as the usual behind-the-scenes quizzes, photos, factoids, social conversation, and much more.

4. SHARK WEEK Bingo:

Contrary to popular belief bingo is not just for Kindergarteners and/or people at retirement homes. Viewers can join their friends and family online at and in the Shark Week

Viewers can join their friends and family online at and in the Shark Week Plus iPad experience to compete for ultimate bragging rights.


For all you GetGlue users, you can check into SHARK WEEK during countdown week to earn fan-created stickers, as well as during SHARK WEEK to earn nightly stickers. Those who collect the entire set will win life, and will additionally unlock a special sticker with “jawsome” prize eligibility.


Fans will be encouraged to join the Shark Week Thunderclap, at It’s a fast, easy way to support and protect a species of awesome creatures. The message that will get released will ultimately push people towards the conservation page on, which will highlight the ongoing efforts of various SHARK WEEK partners, including Oceana and Pew and Shark Savers.


Get in on all the action by taking part in the newest Tebowing/Planking phenomenon. Do your best #Photochomping pose for eternal twitter glory. 

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