‘60 Minutes’ Segment on SSG Giunta’s Medal of Honor-Winning Actions Reveals Humble, ‘Average’ Hero

by 9 years ago

In the moments following the ambush, Giunta first dragged to safety the leader of his squad, Staff Sergeant Gallardo, who was hit in the helmet with a bullet. Giunta was then shot twice in his body armor, but when he saw two Talibanis carrying off a wounded Sergeant Joshua Brennan, he ran after them, shooting one of them. When he got to Brennan, he immediately started administering emergency care, and then took him back to the American base, where Brennan later lost his life during surgery. Specialist Hugo Mendoza, the squad's medic, was also killed in the ambush.

The “60 Minutes” segment delves into much greater detail and is a must-watch, particularly the moments at the end where Giunta describes himself as an “average” and “mediocre” soldier undeserving of the award. If these are the types of “average” soldiers we have serving and protecting our county, all Americans should feel very proud and feel very blessed.

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