Seinfeld’ Reunion Episode Finally ‘Premieres’ on ‘Curb’

by 10 years ago


The finale of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” aired last night, and with it, we finally got the “Seinfeld” finale we were all hoping for. Or, at least part of it. We got to see about 5 minutes of the “reunion episode,” and boy do we wish “Seinfeld” was still on the air. I think what we’ve loved most about the way that Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld “wrote” the reunion show was just how up-to-date it was. The idea that George created the iToilet iPhone App, made millions, and then lost it all in Bernie Madoff’s ponzi scheme is pure brilliance. Jerry’s donation of his sperm to father Elaine’s daughter worked as well; we just wish Kramer had had more of a plotline (and where was the big audience reaction on his first slide into Jerry’s apartment?). Anyway, a brilliant end to a brilliant season of “Curb,” and yes, we finally got a decent ending to the show. Or at least a few snippets of one. The video is after the jump.

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