The 10 Funniest Oprah Winfrey Spoofs

by 10 years ago


Oh shit. Oprah Winfrey’s going rouge. It seems like the whole world is abuzz about Oprah’s final days, as if earth is hurdling toward the sun after loosing its gravitational orbit. (She’s ending her daily network show on Sept. 9, 2011.)

I’ve never watched an episode of Oprah in my life and never plan on it, even with her fancy new cable channel. Let’s face it: besides her obscene wealth, she’s definitely not bro. That said, her on-air tendencies and her enthusiastic flock of middle-age housewives are an easy target for irreverent humor. Her show may be wishy-washy and boring as hell, but the Queen Bee at Harpo Studios is a goldmine of comedy fodder. She’s received the “SNL,” “MadTV,” and “South Park” treatment. Dave Chappelle’s 2004 skit where he impregnates Oprah even spawned a conspiracy theory that the omnipotent Oprah blacklisted Chappelle from the entertainment industry, resulting in his swift departure for South Africa.

In the spirit of her most recent business decision, here are the 10 of the funniest spoofs, parodies, and chuckles about Oprah.

10. “Boondocks” – Riley plots to kidnap Oprah

9. Dane Cook – Rough Around The Edges

8. Oprah Parody on “Mad TV”

7. Oprah Cameo on “30 Rock”


6. Oprah on "SNL's" TV Funhouse

5. Oprah’s 50th Birthday on “SNL”

4. “South Park’s” “A Million Little Fibers” Episode

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3. Stewie Cruise on “Family Guy”

2. “The Soup” – Oprah’s Vajayjay

1. Dave Chappelle Knocks Up Oprah