Coming to the Defense of Jason Mraz

by 10 years ago


Yesterday we posted the highlights from this weekend’s “Saturday Night Live,” which included a skit called “The Mellow Show,” featuring Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews, Jason Mraz, and, um, the actual Dave Matthews appearing as Ozzy Osbourne. Although you wouldn’t guess it by our Downloads of the Day, we’re of the camp that loves “mellow music.” If you hate this genre, fine, go listen to Deadmau5 and Kanye. But if you’ve gotten plastered in the parking lot of a summer Dave show in the past 10 years, we need to take a moment and come to the defense of Jason Mraz.

You see, in the comments, esteemed reader DOC4L threw some serious hatin’ Mraz’s way:

I thought the mellow show was funny, but it made me mad because jack johnson and dave matthews are so much cooler than jason miraz. They shouldn’t be compared to Jason Mraz ever. Just look at him. He wears a f*cking fedora.

First of all, Waffles McButter wears a fedora and so do the guys in “Mad Men.” If you can pull it off, you can pull it off. Second, Mraz has a lot of good music you should check out. I know, you’re probably sick of hearing “I’m Yours” repeated ad nauseum on every radio station and in every commercial, movie trailer, and TV show. Us too. Mostly because “I’m Yours” is actually at least three or four years old (any Mraz diehards out there are welcome to give the exact year), and was a major hit among fans after a bootleg live version hit the Internet years ago.

When Mraz was putting together his latest album, he was smart enough to record no less than three polished versions of the song. It has since stayed on the Billboard tracks longer than any other single in music history.

But we know, you’re still sick of it. So instead check out these 11 tracks, all of which feature Mraz’s signature intricate “wordplay” and light acoustic guitar. If “After an Afternoon” doesn’t get you laid, you’re doing something wrong.

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