Brought Together by Coincidence, Electrolightz Releases EP and Readies New Mix Tape

by 11 years ago

[inline:electro]Last week we featured Electrolightz’ “Centerpiece” as our Download of the Day, and it was so well received that we asked the guys behind Electrolightz to tell us a bit more about themselves and share some more music. The group consists of erOc, Name Brand, Kash, Bo Bridges, and Rami Dearest, who shared with us the story of their founding:

“Electrolightz came about by coincidence. I knew erOc (producer) through mutual friends and we would run into each other at Hollywood parties and shows. ErOc had been working on some electro songs on his own as more of a side project than anything else. He got rapper Name Brand to rap on the tracks. Those songs had erOc’s voice on them. I didn’t even know about the project when I met up with erOc to try to get him to produce some of my solo stuff (Rami Dearest). I played him a couple of my tracks, and he was like “Yeah, that’s cool, check out this other shit that I’ve been working on that I want you to sing on.”

The second he played me the first song (“The Future”) I knew that erOc was on to something special. I worked on songs with him for two weeks without even meeting Name Brand. We didn’t know we were going to actually form a band until we all got in the same room and I instantly hit it off with Name Brand. The rest is history/ the future.”

To download Electrolightz’ EP, click here.

Electrolightz is currently working on a mix tape, “Electrolightz, Electronightz,” that they hope to release by the new year. “It’s going to be a mixture of remixes we have done (Lady GaGa, Keri Hilson, Diddy) mixed with original Electrolightz songs and some new tracks specifically for the mix tape,” Rami explains. The group also recently opened up for LMFAO on The Party Rock tour, and has a bunch of dates coming up in the new year.

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