Making Sense of Health Care, Plans for Afghanistan, New Lax Allegations, Facebook IPO?

by 11 years ago


  • There’s another one of those “Did You Know” videos with lots of interesting stats and facts out. Check it out after the jump.
  • The Senate has recessed for Thanksgiving, but when they come back to Washington, several long weeks of full debate about the health care legislation is in store. If you’re interested in reading about what made it into the drafted bill and what didn’t, read this story. President Obama apparently told the entire White House to read it to understand where everyone’s at. [The Atlantic]
  • President Obama will announce his plans for “finishing the job” in Afghanistan probably next Tuesday night in a televised speech to the nation. The comprehensive plans will likely include sending an additional 30,000 troops to Afghanistan. [NYTimes]

  • Three Sacred Heart University lacrosse players have been charged with conspiring to sexually assault a female student in a dorm room. A lawyer for one of the men said any accusations that a sexual assault occurred in the SHU dorm were a gross exaggeration of alcohol-fueled hijinks. [Huffington Post]

  • Privately held Facebook has created a dual-class stock structure, which could one day lead to an eventual IPO. It is a similar tactic that Google took and “protect[s] longer-term interests against short-term pressures.”[CNBC]

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